Chip baskets

Poplar wood punnets

Poplar wood punnets can be used as eco-friendly packaging for soft fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and fungi. As a standard, we offer punnets holding from 0.25kg to 10kg.

Apart from standard sizes, we manufacture customized baskets upon request, of any dimensions, with or without a handle. Our products are perfect for storing cheese, wine and other food products. They have been also used as gift packaging for ceramic sculptures or decorative pumpkins.

The baskets are made of peeled poplar wood, with high performance quality.

Available sizes

R0 0,5kg 210x85x55
R1 1kg 270x110x65
R2 2kg 320x140x80
R3 3kg 365x140x105
R4 4kg 410x170x110
R5 5kg 450x190x120
R7 7kg 520x220x120
R8 8kg 520x220x150
R10 10kg 520x220x180